drink for good

find bar benefits and boozy fundraisers in chicago

ALL I DO IS WIN (and so can you)

My friends are constantly amazed at how often I win things. But I always say it's not because I'm lucky, I just go to a lot of fundraisers — and the best thing about fundraisers (aside from supporting a great cause while getting schwasted on an open bar) is the RAFFLES. Local businesses love donating items for non-profits to raffle/auction off to a captive audience (hello free advertising). It's good exposure, donations are tax deductible, and contributing to local causes makes their business look good in the community. But for the people at the event, it's a great way to score goods, services, and event tickets at usually a fraction of their normal cost. The nonprofit got it for free so any amount they raise with it is helpful. With all that said, here's a partial list of things i've won while drinking for good, most for less than $20 in raffle tickets each.

  • David Cross show tickets (VIP!)
  • Artisan extension cord (what? yes, really)
  • Dog treat gift basket (x3)
  • Sensory deprivation flotation tank gift certificate (and the allergic reaction that came with it!)
  • 6 pounds of coffee beans (at once!)
  • Haircut gift certificate (x2)
  • Restaurant gift cards (too many to count)
  • Brand new fixed gear bike frameset (which I promptly sold for $350 because it was too big for me)
  • Benefit Cosmetics makeover/waxing party for 6
  • Other things I can't think of right now but were probably pretty cool

I'll update this the next time I win something. It won't be long because there are SO MANY great events coming up (nudge nudge, wink wink).